Eric’s parents were married in 1956 and began a family soon afterwards. First came his two brothers and Eric arrived a few years later. It was with great sadness and misfortune that his father developed cancer and died when he was three years old. Growing up without a father left an indelible mark on Eric. No surprise though, it also was the fuel that led him on his journey as a relational therapist.

Since 1996, Eric has worked with hundreds of men. He specializes in treating executives, attorneys, entrepreneurs and law enforcement professionals. Eric’s experience coupled with his extensive training has significantly deepened his appreciation of what it means to be a man, and what it means to be a husband.


As a relational therapist, Eric has developed a system that identifies the barriers that block men from emotional connection and provides them with the skills necessary to reconnect with others. His system can be outlined as follows:

Our Past as it relates to our Present
Barriers to Intimacy
Moving beyond Anger
Creating an Emotional Language
Healthy Communication
Cherishing our Partner
Developing a Support Team

While no two courses of treatment are the same, many men who go to Eric are coached through the process of reconnection. In addition to training many clients, Eric’s passion has allowed him to share his model with hundreds of therapists throughout the Northeast region of the United States.

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Addictions Treatment

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