Individual Therapy

Anxiety, depression, grief, anger and trauma are but a few of the areas that clients address in individual therapy. It is a personal opportunity to focus on the corners of your life that are problematic or within which you would like further growth.

Individual therapy can center on your relationships, career or life in general. It often looks at your history and your future desires. Our therapists bring their experience and education to help you explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Clients learn to understand how their past influences their present and they develop skills to change their behaviors for the better. They also become equipped with a deeper understanding of their emotions which can lead to increased self-control and ensure more positive outcomes in life.

Typically, individuals meet weekly or twice per month in a safe, confidential space that is dedicated solely for them. Technology, our fast-paced lives, and the demands from work or children often deprive us of time to focus on our emotional and relational wellness. Individual therapy can be that time for you.