Recovery Coaching

Many families in America are affected by addiction in some way. Whether it is the close friend whose son is a heroin addict, the family member who always arrives intoxicated at the family function or the significant other who smokes pot every day, most do not have to reach far to feel the pain caused by addiction. For more than 25 years, Eric has combined his expertise as an addictions counselor and a relational expert to create an approach to treating addictions that is respectful and solution-oriented.

Eric provides individual therapy to clients in the early phases of recovery. Often, these individuals seek treatment to supplement their work in self-help programs or because they are referred by various treatment programs. Eric also offers treatment in the following specialty areas: motivating the reluctant client; couple and family interventions; and, coaching the spouse.

In addition, Eric has conducted over 1,000 evaluations of individuals who suffer from some form of addiction. Just as everyone’s situation is unique, Eric’s evaluations are custom-tailored to meet the needs of each client.

Eric works with other specialized treatment providers in New Jersey and has referred clients to many of the most highly regarded rehabilitation centers in the nation. His desire is to match the specific needs of each client with the best available treatment. Eric’s extensive experience allows him to achieve this goal.