Relational Life Therapy

Relational Life Therapy (RLT) was created by Terry Real, the renowned marital therapist, best-selling author and founder of the Relational Life Institute.

RLT is known for getting right to the heart of the matter, quickly and profoundly. It utilizes precise interventions that remove barriers to connection, redistributes power within relationships and provides skills that produce lasting change.

RLT is directive, practical and involves significant education. We believe that individuals benefit from learning concrete skills that they can take back to their marriages, families and businesses. We provide the techniques and hold clients accountable for stepping in differently with one another.

We view ourselves as fellow travelers with clients and respectfully tell them the truth. And while we rely upon our expertise, knowledge and judgment to help, ultimately the client creates the change. Relational Life Therapy provides swift transitions, deeper connection, and ultimately a renewed relationship worthy of sharing.

We are proud that all of the therapists at Denville Family Counseling have been trained directly by Terry Real in Relational Life Therapy.