Adolescent Therapy

Is your teenager going through something that you just can’t seem to figure out? Did their personality change from when they were younger and became something more serious? Or, are you a young adult having difficulty transitioning into the next phase of your life? Are you struggling and can’t seem to find your way?

Life is very much like driving a car. We cannot focus on the final destination and stare into the rear view mirror at the same time. This would cause an accident, or at a minimum distract us from our main goal of keeping our eyes on the road! While adolescents and young adults are at the height of their capacity for positive change, sometimes they need a GPS to help guide them along their path.

In many ways, Jamie takes on the role of the GPS, mapping out various routes to help the driver arrive at their desired destination. If the driver takes a wrong turn or veers in a different direction, the GPS is there to help the driver recalculate. The driver and the GPS are a team, and the destination is set by the client. The relationship between the client and Jamie is a most powerful one, involving trust and collaboration, one that ensures support and safety.

Adolescent and young adult counseling requires flexibility. One style does not fit all, except for one commonality: all people, especially adolescents, want to feel fully-heard and understood. During this period of life, real change is exciting and life-altering. It eliminates future obstacles, taps into hope and creates new roadways. Most importantly, it empowers you to remember that YOU are the driver in your own life…so take the wheel!