Family Therapy

Are you experiencing increased family conflict? Is there tension between your children and you? Are different members of your family struggling? If you answered yes to any of these, family therapy will help.

Family therapy can be a very effective tool in addressing problematic interactions, poor communication, behavioral issues, and family discord. Tracey uses a systemic approach to help family members address conflict and tension within the home environment. She also works to help parents effectively manage a child’s opposition, problematic behavior, or sibling conflict. In a number of formats (parent-child, sibling-sibling, parent-adult child) family members are provided with an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about how they are being affected by issues occurring in the family home. Each system is part of a larger family unit that is negatively impacted when one of the systems is in trouble. The goal of family therapy is to create healthy alliances, develop new boundaries, and redistribute power.

Tracey will initially meet with the parents and children individually to gain an understanding and collect information about what is occurring within the family. These sessions can range from 45-60 minutes. Family sessions can occur weekly or every other week.