Couples Therapy

Are the fights getting worse? Do you act more like roommates than lovers? Did a third party enter your relationship? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then couples therapy is for you.

An effective couples therapist is like a consultant. They are hired to help determine the problems and develop solutions to fix them. Often, this includes identifying the relational dance shared by the couple and looking at the barriers that prevent connection. Each person’s losing strategies are highlighted and skills are taught as a means of solution.

There are a few things that do not occur in couples therapy. They include yelling, name calling, and staying stuck in the past. Most couples have done enough of this at home. Our therapists are committed to full-respect living, a key tenet of Relational Life Therapy.

Typically, couples therapy occurs twice per month for 2-hour sessions. The longer session allows us to go deeper and move more quickly. Many couples have found that traditional 45-minute sessions are too rushed and do not afford adequate time for deep-healing.

As the work advances and the couple progresses, the frequency and duration of sessions decrease. Ultimately, couples develop new boundaries and redistribute the balance of power. They create a deeper sense of intimacy and develop an ability to have a relationship worth sharing.

Know that Eric and Tracey provide couples therapy at Denville Family Counseling.