Eric was trained in marital therapy by the renowned relational expert and best selling author, Terry Real. He is certified as an Advanced Marital Therapist by Real’s Relational Life Institute in Boston (one of only 100 therapists in the nation to obtain this designation).

Eric utilizes Relational Life Therapy (RLT) when helping couples. RLT is an approach that goes right to the core of the problem. RLT helps couples identify their personal edges and determine what they need to do to be successful. The purpose of RLT is to empower couples with the skills and insight necessary to make deep, lasting changes in their relationship.



Relational Life Therapy starts by helping clients identify their relational stance. When clients understand the themes that drive them, they are able to make positive change. Powerful skills are introduced and taught to couples in session. These skills provide the means to transform relationships from cold and distant, to warm and respectful. Lastly, couples develop life strategies to ensure they maintain what they have built.

Eric’s approach to marital therapy is directive and time limited. He meets with couples for two-hour sessions. The longer session allows him to go deeper and move more quickly. Typically, Eric meets with couples twice per month. As the work progresses and the couple improve, the frequency of sessions is reduced. As appropriate, individuals are guided to adjunctive therapies and various RLT workshops. Eric’s goal is to provide access to the best solutions available for the unique challenges of each couple.

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